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Diamond Solitaire Pendants Settings

The Bezel Setting


Diamonds Wrapped in Precious Metal

The bezel setting is one of the most popular ways to set diamonds and it works beautifully with different diamond shapes and different sized stones. It is used in all types of diamond jewelry, including: pendants, necklaces, earrings, charms, bracelets and of course rings.

Oldest Diamond Setting Technique

The bezel is the oldest type of setting and it’s easy to understand why, it is fairly simple to make. Take the image below for example. The diamond is held in place with a classic bezel setting, with precious metal wrapped around the stone. In the side view you can see that a small portion of the metal, in this case 18k gold, is bent over the diamond girdle to secure it. A properly crafted bezel setting should not cover any portion of the diamond table. To learn more about the girdle & table, visit: anatomy of a diamond.

A Beautiful Setting

Of the many different types of diamond settings, the bezel has several advantages. It is sleek and stylish, giving diamond jewelry a refined look by created a shiny frame around the stone For the same reason it’s also going to make the stone look bigger.

Protect Your Diamond

Another distinct advantage of the bezel setting is that the diamond is in good hands, surrounded by metal, making it super secure. Of course, this relies on the fact that the setting was done properly. Look for clean metal work. Using a jeweler’s loupe couldn’t hurt but you should be able to see the craftsmanship with the naked eye.

All Shapes & Sizes

Although it is commonly used with round brilliant cut diamonds, as shown on the right, the bezel setting is perfect for any shape. As the bezel setting continues to increase in popularity many shaped are being used, like the pear shaped diamond and princess cut & radiant cut diamonds. To see the diamond as shown in the image with a twisted band, visit: Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Open to Anything

A classic bezel features a rim or collar of metal surrounding the diamond. However style has no limits! Check out this half-bezel set diamond engagement ring. You might think it is a tension setting at first, but with metal on both sides and under the diamond it is a true bezel setting. This setting is referred to as an open bezel or a semi-bezel. As shown: Diamond Engagement Ring with Open Bezel

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What is a good size diamond pendant for everyday wear?

For my anniversary/birthday (they are close together ... didn't plan that one right - lol!), my husband wanted to purchase a piece of jewelry. I am wanting to go with a diamond solitaire pendant OR diamond stud earrings. I am a stay at home mom so my wardrobe is pretty casual. What size pendant should I go with? What size earrings should I go with? I want them to be noticable, but not gawdy. Thanks in advance!

Oh my gosh my grandma works at avon and she got me a diamond pendant and MATCHING earings!
they were sooo cute
you should get about a LITTLE less than an inch....NO bigger than one inch
and you should get matching earings if you can
p.s. im 12 and I wear my pendent EVERYDAY I love it! it matches with everything and so do the earings!

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