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Diamond Solitaire Pendant De Beers

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Five international bloggers were invited to De Beers stores in London and New York to play out every girls’ dream for the day and pick out their perfect De Beers engagement ring for when that special moment arrives.

Emily Johnston of Fashion Foie Gras was in awe of the De Beers magnificent carat weights and selected a wondrous 5-carat DB Classic Simple Shank ring.

Hedvig Opshaug of The Northern Light also went for a DB Classic Simple Shank, selecting a more understated look with a 0.7-carat diamond solitaire. Peony Lim of Peony Lim matched her unique sense of style to the unique character of De Beers fancy cuts with an Asscher-cut Aura Pavé Ring.

Last to visit the London store was Gala Gonzalez of With an eclectic and bohemian taste, Gala explored De Beers collections and chose the blossoming design of the Adonis Pink Gold Ring as her dream engagement solitaire. Inspired by the classical love story of Aphrodite and her Adonis, the De Beers iconic Adonis Rose ring is hand-crafted with the De Beers signature thread pavé and features round brilliant diamonds.

Visiting the De Beers New York store, Christine Cameron of My Style Pill opted for a De Beers ‘diamond of character’ with a beautiful and rare pink cushion-cut diamond centre.


Matt M
Is a single black pearl on a necklace a good gift for my girlfriend (22 years old) for valentines day.?

I am looking at this one and would like to know if you girls out there would be happy to receive this as a gift.....or should a just stick with a diamond pendant. THANKS :)

Here's a link of one I was looking at.

You know your girl best! Black pearls are beautiful and classy and less conventional than diamond pendants. You're asking a more expensive equivalent of should we go to our favourite restaurant where we know the food is good or should we try something new which while it will be different may not be as good lol.

I would personally love to receive that from my boyfriend for valentines day. Save the diamonds for if you decide to put a ring on her finger some day :p. A black pearl necklace shows that you put more thought and effort than the conventional standard. And its beautiful!…

Looking for a ring for my gf, silver band with a single leaf surrounded by one black and white orb/circles?

Trying to find this for my girlfriend. No idea bout ring terminology. It is suppose to be a silver band, with a single autumn style leaf. Then surrounded by a black and white circle or orb diamond-type.
Not an engagement ring but very dear to my girlfriend and a surprise. No idea what to call it or where to buy it in the UK. thanks in advance everyone.

Omg! Marry her! She's so dear to you, tie the knot! And yet it's a lovely ring! Look online for medieval designs! Aaaaa!

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