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Diamond Pendant Solitaire Necklace

.33 Carat Diamond Solitaire Necklace in 14kt White Gold. 18"

14kt White Gold




Box BOX: A clasp that involves a tab inserted into a decorative box. Usually with some kind of safety to secure the closure, a box clasp is traditionally used for tennis styles and hinged bracelets.

Chain Size:

0.5 mm


Springring Spring Ring Clasp: invented in the early 1900s this diminutive device is highly effective. It's a hollow circular metal fastener with a spring opening. This keeps the clasp closed.



Fits Chain:

1 mm

Chain Included:


Stone 1:

Diamond Diamond: The hardest and most brilliant of all gemstones, a diamond can make the heart race with its pure and fiery spark. An ancient symbol of love, a diamond is the preferred gemstone for tokens of affection, such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Diamond is the birthstone for April. (Quantity: 1, Shape & Cutting Style: Round Brilliant, Color Grade: H-I, Clarity: I1, Weight: 0.33 carats)

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Matt M
Is a single black pearl on a necklace a good gift for my girlfriend (22 years old) for valentines day.?

I am looking at this one and would like to know if you girls out there would be happy to receive this as a gift.....or should a just stick with a diamond pendant. THANKS :)

Here's a link of one I was looking at.

You know your girl best! Black pearls are beautiful and classy and less conventional than diamond pendants. You're asking a more expensive equivalent of should we go to our favourite restaurant where we know the food is good or should we try something new which while it will be different may not be as good lol.

I would personally love to receive that from my boyfriend for valentines day. Save the diamonds for if you decide to put a ring on her finger some day :p. A black pearl necklace shows that you put more thought and effort than the conventional standard. And its beautiful!…

Looking for a ring for my gf, silver band with a single leaf surrounded by one black and white orb/circles?

Trying to find this for my girlfriend. No idea bout ring terminology. It is suppose to be a silver band, with a single autumn style leaf. Then surrounded by a black and white circle or orb diamond-type.
Not an engagement ring but very dear to my girlfriend and a surprise. No idea what to call it or where to buy it in the UK. thanks in advance everyone.

Omg! Marry her! She's so dear to you, tie the knot! And yet it's a lovely ring! Look online for medieval designs! Aaaaa!

Jewelry for Girlfriend?

Ok so I want to buy my girlfriend some jewelry, but we are not like going to get married or anything. I need something that says I lie you but not I want to marry you, I'm only 18. And she would only wear small stud earrings(like a button) necklesses. (Light ones) so could I get diamonds? Or what? I don't want to send the right message.

Get her a necklace with a thin gold chain (white or yellow, your choice, but definitely go for gold) and a simple pendant. It can be very small and delicate. If she only wears stud earring chances are she likes classic, understated jewelry so don't go for a fancy intricate design, just something simple. It can be a simple gold pendant, a single semi-precious or precious stone, like an amethyst or ruby or whatever she likes, it can even be a single pearl. Don't go for something cheesy like a heart or infinity sign or whatever, it's much less sophisticated than just a simple, timeless…

What Jewelry Should I Wear To Prom?

Prom is coming up and I have noticed that there are a lot of girls who go all out with jewelry and some that don't wear anything more than a corsage. Just to tell you a little bit more of everything else that i'm doing for prom. My hair will be in an updo. My make up will be probably just lip gloss and then a darker smokey eye (and my eyes are already a dark brown). My shoes are just a silver heel that you won't see anyway because my dress is a floor length red dress. it has a sweetheart neckline and a single strap that starts on the back of right shoulder and comes to the front of the…

Take a clue from the Red Carpet. Most fashionista's believe less is more. A pretty pair of silver, not too long, earrings sound like just enough. Or perhaps a short dangle of Swarovski crystals. A simple silver bracelet, nothing jangly, and perhaps a ring or two. No necklace is needed since your dress has that strap going across and beads. You want people to see you, not the jewelry you wear.

Jewelry is like spice... a little goes a long way. Have a wonderful time.

Poll: What does your makeup collection consist of?

Ok so I'm really bored today (waiting for my parents do get back from the store so i can do St. Patty's day baking ^_^) and i thought I'd just do a poll for fun :)

This is mine:
ELF 100-color eyeshadow palette
Almay 3-color palette
L.A. Color's shimmering loose eyeshadow in Snow White
L.A. Color's shimmering loose eyeshadow in Radient
L.A. Color's shimmering loose eyeshadow in Black Pearl
ELF eyelid primer

ELF liquid eyeliner in Black
Wet n Wild Coloricon pencil eyeliner in Deep Blue
Wet n Wild Coloricon pencil eyeliner in Olive
Wet n Wild Coloricon pencil eyeliner in Purple

Chanel powder
Smashbox blush
Cargo blush

Benefit eyeshadows in medium brown, nude, pink and light blue
Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow palette
Calvin Klein mascara
Clinique eyeliner
Clinique pencil liner

Chanel lipstick in brown/maroon color
Estee Lauder lipstick in fuschia
YSL lipstick in orange
Elizabeth Arden lipstick in rose color
Elizabeth Arden lipstick in nude
M.A.C. lipstick in soft pink
lip glosses;

Chanel lip gloss in light berry color
M.A.C. lip gloss in red and brown
Chanel lip gloss in pink
Elizabeth Arden lip gloss in nude

Five lip pencils by M.A.C.
and i…

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