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Single Diamond Pendants Designs

Grandma's Vintage Diamonds vs

Three diamond wedding ring with old mine cut vintage diamondsVintage Diamonds or New Diamonds, They Are All Lovable.

Older cut vintage diamonds vs. new diamonds do look different. That’s not a bad thing. What’s bad is when you combine the two.

The new modern brilliant cut diamond will out sparkle the older European cut diamond or old mine cut diamond. Therefore in designing with older cut diamonds there are some design rules. Which I will share with you.

Seven Rules For Designing With Older Cut Diamonds

Four diamonds with old to new cuts1. Do not mix modern cut diamonds with older style cuts of vintage diamonds. (Subtle sparkle vs. focused and flashing sparkle.)

2. Chose designs with vintage details to accent the charm of your older cut vintage diamonds. (Details like filigree, decorative hand engraving and fancy detail around center diamond.)

3. Use engraving details like milgrain edging to enhance older diamond beauty. The sparkle of milgrain engraving enhances the impression of sparkle in your diamonds. (See my blog post on milgrain engraving.)

4. If your older diamonds exhibit slight off color details, try setting them in yellow gold or rose gold. (Yellow gold is better for slight yellow tones, rose gold is better for brown and grey tones.)

loose mine cut vintage diamond cushion shaped5. If your older cut diamonds have visible inclusions, include them in a grouping of diamonds off to the side. ( The optical illusion of the better diamonds nearby will fool the eye to forgive the more imperfect one.)

6. If your older cut diamonds don’t hold their sparkle when dirty use them in earrings or pendants instead of rings. (Rings tend to get dirty easily unlike earrings and pendants.)

7. Walk away from a jeweler who doesn’t offer matching older cut vintage diamonds and tries to sell you on using modern cut diamonds with your old ones saying, “Oh, it’ll look just fine.” (It won’t!)

A History of Diamond Cuts in Pictures

Chipped diamond in tweezersA True Life “Grandma Vintage Diamond” Story

Today I’ll share a story with heart and a good example of re-purposing your older cut diamonds. I’d love to inspire you to re-design and wear the diamonds from your grandmas and aunties and people who love you.

Pat’s Jewelry Loving Aunt Lolly

“I have seven pieces of inherited jewelry from my Aunt Lolly that I never wear, ” Pat said to me one day. “My challenge to you is to design a brand new custom piece of jewelry using all of the old diamonds from my aunt.”

There Are Many Different Cuts in Diamonds

A week later, Pat and I sat down at her kitchen table with her favorite aunt’s five rings and two pendants. I could immediately see that many of the diamonds were single cut—an older style with fewer facets.

The sizes and colors of the diamonds also varied widely. Fortunately, the largest diamond rated the best of the lot. Unfortunately, it had a few small chips on the sides.

“Aunt Lolly was my favorite and I’ll always love her, ” Pat said. “She managed to take me on lots of adventures when I was young. What I really want is to somehow use all her diamonds in one piece of jewelry.” I pulled out my pad and pencil and we got down to work.

Amazon Curated Collection DiAura Sterling Silver Diamond-Accent Lotus Flower Pendant Necklace, 18"
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  • All pieces in the DiAura collection are either rhodium or gold-plated for lasting wear and to protect from tarnishing.
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K-Design K-Design Jewellery Single Heart Rhodium Gold CZ Diamond Torques Lariats Pendant Necklaces GN004
Sports (K-Design)
  • Pendant Size: : 18 * 14 mm
  • Length: : 51 cm
  • Metals Type: : Gold Plated
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Initially Yours Hammered Silver Pendant INITIAL S
Sports ()
  • Oval 1 pendant with engraved Initial in center
  • Hammered design sterling silver finished design
  • Hangs from 16 silver diamond cut silver ball chain w/ 2 extender
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Matt M
Is a single black pearl on a necklace a good gift for my girlfriend (22 years old) for valentines day.?

I am looking at this one and would like to know if you girls out there would be happy to receive this as a gift.....or should a just stick with a diamond pendant. THANKS :)

Here's a link of one I was looking at.

You know your girl best! Black pearls are beautiful and classy and less conventional than diamond pendants. You're asking a more expensive equivalent of should we go to our favourite restaurant where we know the food is good or should we try something new which while it will be different may not be as good lol.

I would personally love to receive that from my boyfriend for valentines day. Save the diamonds for if you decide to put a ring on her finger some day :p. A black pearl necklace shows that you put more thought and effort than the conventional standard. And its beautiful!…

Looking for a ring for my gf, silver band with a single leaf surrounded by one black and white orb/circles?

Trying to find this for my girlfriend. No idea bout ring terminology. It is suppose to be a silver band, with a single autumn style leaf. Then surrounded by a black and white circle or orb diamond-type.
Not an engagement ring but very dear to my girlfriend and a surprise. No idea what to call it or where to buy it in the UK. thanks in advance everyone.

Omg! Marry her! She's so dear to you, tie the knot! And yet it's a lovely ring! Look online for medieval designs! Aaaaa!

Jewelry for Girlfriend?

Ok so I want to buy my girlfriend some jewelry, but we are not like going to get married or anything. I need something that says I lie you but not I want to marry you, I'm only 18. And she would only wear small stud earrings(like a button) necklesses. (Light ones) so could I get diamonds? Or what? I don't want to send the right message.

Get her a necklace with a thin gold chain (white or yellow, your choice, but definitely go for gold) and a simple pendant. It can be very small and delicate. If she only wears stud earring chances are she likes classic, understated jewelry so don't go for a fancy intricate design, just something simple. It can be a simple gold pendant, a single semi-precious or precious stone, like an amethyst or ruby or whatever she likes, it can even be a single pearl. Don't go for something cheesy like a heart or infinity sign or whatever, it's much less sophisticated than just a simple, timeless…

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