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Round Diamond Pendants Designs

Two Styles Pear Shaped Pendants Set With Diamonds & Gems

Rose gold diamond pendantWe have recently updated our fine diamond jewellery collection at Steven Stone with these new, stunning pendants, beautifully crafted in the finest gold metals and set with stunning diamonds and a striking pear-shaped Sapphire.

Rose Gold Pear-shape Diamond Pendant

This stunning pendant features an intricate design of small round brilliant cut diamonds set is swirl designs in rose gold all over the surface of the pendant as well as an outside border of small round brilliant cut diamonds set in 18ct white gold. The pendant showcases elegance and excellent craftsmanship as each diamond is individually set. The pendant beautifully drops off a classic 16inc chain but can be adjusted to suit the needs of individuals. This is the perfect piece to wear to a special occasion, especially as rose gold goes with so many different colours.

Pear blue diamond pendantPear-shaped Sapphire Pendant Design

This striking pear-shaped deep blue Sapphire is beautifully set with a border of small round brilliant cut diamonds that add extra dazzle to the finished pendant design. The stunning Sapphire was bought by us at a jewellery show in Italy, along with a collection of similar gem stones.

If you like these two pieces and want to treat yourself or buy a special gift for someone get in touch with us for more details on pieces.

Rhodium Plated Brass Cubic Zirconia Diamonds Round Halo Design Pendant Charm Necklace with 16"-18" Adjustable Chain
Jewelry ()
  • Free Gift Box with Every Purchase
  • Rhodium Coated to Ensure Highest Quality and Long Lasting Shine!
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Is this item worth the price?


The price seems good but i couldnt find whether or not its a lab created gemstone. If its real diamonds then the price isnt bad. if its lab created then there are alot of better options out there.
Here are some nice necklaces from one really good website:
1.) this one is comparable to the one you have. its sterling setting but the carat weight of diamonds is a lot higher. it is lab created though.
ones natural diamonds. and a plated silver setting
this ones pretty nice. its natural diamonds in a 14kt gold setting.
ones more expensive but its also in a gold setting and has…

What to get my parents for Christmas?

My dad is 45 and he likes to build things, cook and play poker. My mother is 45 also and is really family oriented, loves to talk and loves to go shopping. So what should i get them for christmas?!

Get her clothes and a beautiful ring

Dan S
Wedding proposal ideas?

I really want to do something off beat like it's the last thing she would ever expect. There were thousands of idea's i've heard but I want to hear some others like not from my friends and what not so give me some really good idea's please!!!

P.S. I was thinking of proposing with a necklace instead of a ring to throw it all off and change it up i'm going to get a ring later on but would the necklace idea be good or wait for the ring?? Please let me know.

Thank you for your time and I will vote best answer to the idea I use.

Make sure your personality shines through in the proposal. Don't plagiarise from some romantic comedy!

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