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Diamond Pendant Designs TBZ

Three Jewellers Choice Design Awards Go To TBZ

For the first time in recent history, one lone Indian jewelry firm has won three different design awards at the prestigious, and recently concluded, Jaipur Jewelry Show. In a surprising upset, this company took awards that they had been aiming for in the past recent years, but have only attained these past few weeks. So, what is the name of this one astounding company that has stolen the show in India? Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Incorporated. It might seem like quite a mouthful, and, when you look at their diamonds and gold, you know you won't have the breath to get through it all. In fact, the few pieces that won awards stole our breath away through a simple photo, which takes away all of their natural beauty.

As you can see, TBZ doesn't just put together whatever they find in a pattern that is already known and used, they go above and beyond what our imaginations can divine. Even the Chairman of TBZ, Shrikant Zaveri, has called the win this year "a testimony to our excellence in design." Of course, he was talking about the emerald and diamond jewelry that no other jeweler in the entire would could beat. Even though he has seen many wins over the his time presiding over the company, and even more in the one hundred and fifty year history of the company, nothing compares to what happened this year. You would think that after three citations are issued by the Diamond Trading Company, they would feel accomplished enough, but they just keep going year after year.

Our personal favorite piece of this year by TBZ is shown right above, with a gold-working pattern that we have never seen before. Not only is the piece hand-laid, it also has gemstones hand-set throughout the entire necklace. Typically, when trying to win an award, companies go all out with large diamonds and rubies. On the other hand, what TBZ does is the opposite: they only put gemstones which are necessary to the concept, making sure not to go overboard. Apparently, that is the way to go, at least if you are traveling to the Jaipur Jewelry Show.

Anna Beck Designs Anna Beck Designs "Gili London Blue Quartz" 18k Gold-Plated Blue Quartz Diamond Pendant Necklace, 16"
Jewelry (Anna Beck Designs)
  • Items that are handmade and use natural stones, may vary in size, shape and color
  • Geometry Class: Get Graphic with architectural pieces from the new Blue Quartz collection where diamonds and hexagons shape shift into a sleeky contoured look.
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Made in id
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Where can i buy Diamond Jewellery by Piyush Ratnu ?

I want to buy some diamond jewellery by Piyush Ratnu. He is a awesome designer. Can anybody tell me where i can found jewellery made by him.


You can buy diamond jewellery online and offline both ways but I want to suggest you that you should go online because there you get a lot of varieties and designs in very less time and in affordable price range. You can buy diamond pendants, earrings, rings and bangle in elegant and exquisite designs. You can choose different and latest styles like, Hoops jewellery, Studs jewellery, Cocktail jewellery, Drops jewellery etc.

Jessie K
Best websites for designing engagement rings?

By best, I mean reasonably priced, but nice diamonds. And also reputable.

There are a lot of local places you can go. I went to Whiteflash as they have been operating online for 11 years doing thousands of custom design pieces from pendants to rings to earrings -
Good Luck!

Where can i get a diamond star belly ring { pictures please }?

I want a satr belly ring that is a big diamond star with a small diamond star inside of the big one
am a prep i like everything to match i have the neckless earrings ring shorts with that design please tell me where i can get it and show me pictures please

You probably wont be able to find the exact belly ring you want. Is the necklace a pendant? Was it inexpensive? Your best bet would be to buy another necklace or set of earrings then buy a belly ring that you can take the charm off and attach your own.

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