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White Diamond Heart Pendant

Buy Diamond Heart Necklaces for Women

Anniversary or Birthday Gifts

What woman would not be delighted by a little jewelry box containing a diamond heart pendant on her next special occasion? If you are looking for a gift that she will truly treasure for years to come, consider a necklace similar to the one pictured here from Amazon. This is simply one of literally thousands of heart shaped diamond pendants they have available for sale from a variety of vendors.

Gold and Diamond Necklace Pendant

This particular necklace, shown above, has one-third of a carat in diamonds, beautifully displayed on 10K white gold. It was recently listed as one of Amazon's top ten most popular gifts for women, and you can easily understand why. The stones used in this necklace are natural, and not created. It is a lovely item of jewelry that any woman would be proud to own.

If this particular diamond and gold pendant is not quite what you are looking for, you may also want to check out some of the thousands of other pendants that are available on Amazon. They have a large selection of excellent choices that range in price from around $100 to about $300, and most of the Amazon customers who have purchased these pendants in this price range have given them overall scores of 4 or 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars (which is Amazon's highest ranking.) You can see the link below to see examples of the choices that are currently available:

Link to hundreds of examples of diamond heart necklaces from Amazon.

For example, your love might be interested in a Sterling Silver Black and White diamond heart pendant (see the ad at the end of this article). Or, rather than a heart shaped pendant, she may have her heart set on a single round solitaire diamond pendant. Amazon sells these as well, with different size stones, so there are choices available in every price range.

You do not need to feel that you have to limit yourself to hearts or diamonds, either. Think about the colors that she wears. Do you think she would enjoy a sapphire and diamond necklace? What about an amethyst? Does she tend to wear silver and white gold jewelry, or does she prefer yellow gold? You can find beautiful jewelry in several different precious metals.

Diamond and Sapphire Necklace

One lovely choice is a heart shaped sapphire set in a sterling silver pendant that has been plated in white gold and accented with small topaz gems. This lovely necklace is also available from Amazon. When this necklace was reviewed, here are some of the comments made by people who purchased it:

"bought for my girlfriend for her birthday, and she definitely loves it!"

"for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday ... when it arrived and I saw it I almost cried. It is more beautiful than you can ever imagine."

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Is 12 K gold ever used with diamonds?

I just got a necklace for my sister in law, a heart pendant from a vintage store. I got it home and cleaned it up and it is magnificent.
I mean, I'm confused--it actually might have diamonds on it and not cz's. There are 46 stones that are about 1/16 ct weight (if they're diamonds) and the stones are different sizes and reflect the light differently. When I blow on the piece, the stones don't fog up, which makes me think they really are diamonds. There is a stamp on the back of the piece that I can't read. On the chain it says 1/20 12K which I'm told means 1/20th of the gold is 12K or…

Bring it to a jewelry store.They will check the stones for free and tell you if there diamonds.And to answer your question,yes,they commonly place diamonds and gold together in necklaces,rings,pendants....(Normally I find that 12k gold is more commonly used with diamonds or Precious stones such as Ruby's then with costume jewelry such as cubic zicomias)

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