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Round Diamond Necklaces Pendants

Reasons Why Round Cut Diamonds Are The Best

round cutEveryone wants to get the best gift and nothing is as thrilling and fulfilling like understanding that someone appreciates a gift you gave them, especially jewelry. Nothing beats a high quality, unique and precious diamond gift. With so many cuts, styles and designs in the market today, you might really be tempted to settle for anything with an allure. You are however unlikely to go wrong with round cut diamonds, especially for diamond necklaces and pendants.

Errors are not and must never be entertained when shopping for any piece of jewelry, for obvious reasons; they don’t come cheap. Furthermore, instinct jewelry buying is a risk as you are likely to pay handsomely for a piece not its worth. Round cuts diamonds have been around from 1919 when the cut was first developed by Marcel Tolkowsky who was an engineer from a family of diamond cutters. With its whopping 58 facets-57 excluding the culet, it is undoubtedly the most famous and best-selling diamond cut. Thirty three of the facets are placed on the crown and twenty five on the pavilion. You can however include eight more facets to boost the diamond’s allure, in fact, most girdles are also faceted.

The Round cut diamonds have remained many people’s number one choice for stylish pendant necklaces, typical pairs of earrings or the very important engagement rings. This cut’s closest competitor has been the princess cut but it has always remained popular. It is really hard to remain fashionable but at the same time relevant and unique-at least not for long. This has never been the case with the round brilliant diamonds because they never disappoint.

Demand has always stuck around supply and price, trying to sway either in various ways. It is unlikely that you will walk into any jewelry shop and fail to find round cut diamonds. Jewelry cutters spend the longest time working on this specific cut for perfect results with zero, if not negative provision for flaws. They might be more expensive but the sparkle per dollar that you eventually get from your jewelry is much higher.

There is no other cut that warranties wonderful proportions like round cut diamonds that brings out the height, depth and angles’ symmetry. Tolkowsky, whose PHD thesis focused on ways of creating a perfect diamond shape, immensely researched and came up with the round cut. Go for round cut diamonds for the greatest exquisiteness, magnificent sparkle and exceptional fire like no other in the market.

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