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Pave Diamond Initial Pendant Necklaces

Kristin’s Picks – Initial Pendants

Now more than ever, we are seeing more customers requesting personalized jewelry – anything from single initials to custom monograms. Social Media and celebrities have made this look one of the most sought after styles in jewelry today. Not only is this style considered trendy and popular, but also the personal significance of the jewelry gives it a special touch. The great news about this style is that this trend is quickly becoming a tradition. What used to be just a fun accessory is now a classic look that will never go out of style.

Here at Diamonds Direct, we often have customers ask us the best ways to wear certain styles. The great news about these personalized pendants is there are so many ways to wear them! Here are four “looks” we recommend:

* Wear Your Own Initial
 ~The most classic way to wear initial pendants – choose your own letter (first or last name) and sport it proudly!

* Wear Someone Else’s Initial ~
A popular twist on this trend is to wear the initial of your husband or children. Keeping this letter close to your heart is significant, which makes the pendant even more special. Husbands often give the initials of their children as gifts to their wives.

* Add personalization ~
One twist on the basic initial pendant is to add pave set diamonds or gemstones to the reverse side of the charm to create a pendant that can be worn on either side. This allows mothers to incorporate the birthstones of their children to their pendant as an added touch of personalization or just to add a little extra bling to the standard initial pendant.

* Layer
This ~Our favorite way to wear initial pendants! Some styles we’ve seen are women wearing multiple initial pendants (ex: one for each child) and spelling out their name with stacked initial charms. The most common style we see is women layering their initial pendants with other diamond necklaces (such as diamonds-by-the-yard).

No matter which style you prefer, initial pendants make a great and affordable gift for yourself and for someone else! They are a personal, classic piece of jewelry that goes with any outfit and are sure to catch the attention of others. To see all the amazing options for customized initial pendants, visit a Diamonds Direct near you!

1/4ct Journey Diamond Heart Pendant $99

by ABargainShopper

1/4ct Journey Diamond Heart Pendant in 10k White Gold
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Gorgeous journey diamond heart pendant set in 10K white gold on an 18" white gold box chain. Honor your journey through life together with the 14 graduated diamonds in this beautiful pendant, each larger than the next, as in your life, each day better than the last.
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Turkmen Leader Gives Himself Huge Award

by saltyolgeaser

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan (AP) - Turkmenistan's president awarded himself a large gold and diamond pendant and a 30 percent raise to celebrate his 50th birthday, an echo of the lavish personality cult built around his autocratic late predecessor.
Berdymukhamedov decorated himself with the Motherland Order - a gold pendant bedecked with diamonds on a massive golden chain lined with gems - for his "outstanding achievements," the newspaper said. The piece weighed more than 2 pounds.
As part of the award, Berdymukhamedov also received $20,000 and a 30 percent salary and pension increase, it said

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Can you help me with a gift for my girlfriend?

Here's the situation. She lost a palm tree necklace that had a lot of sentimental value for her since she used to live in Florida and now lives here. I want to surprise her and get her one, the problem is I can't really afford a real diamond one, but there's this one for $30 that has been getting good reviews. Do you think this one would seem really cheap or should I try to get a bunch of money together to buy her a real diamond one?

I think it shouldnt matter how much you spend on a gift, or if it seems cheap or not. i think the cheap one will be good. she'll know it came from the heart. if you want, just get her that one for now, then secretly start saving up and get her a real one in the future.

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