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Everlon diamond knot pendant

Diamond jewellery collection
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Is there too many women out there that would say “gosh I really don’t like jewelry please don’t buy me any, especially diamonds!” I’ll be honest I wouldn’t turn away a nice piece of jewelry. And diamonds, can anyone ever get tired of diamonds? The problem with diamond jewelry is, it’s usually expensive. One thing I like about Kranich’s Jewelers is, they’ll work with you and help you find something that works with your budget.

We have a Kranich’s Jewelers in our local mall. It’s set up beautifully. The associates are all really nice and helpful. When I wanted to have a wrap made for my wedding ring years ago I had an idea but couldn’t find anything to fit my ring. The other issue was that I had specifics, yellow gold, something unique, and something I could afford. I drew up my idea and asked them what they could do for me. They’re jeweler created a wrap for my ring that was perfect and was in our budget.

This year they have a new item, the Everlon Diamond Knot Pendant in Sterling Silver. What I like about this necklace is that it’s versatile and can be worn every day. It’s a .04 carat diamond in a beautiful setting that really helps bring out the sparkle. At $115 it’s quite reasonable for a diamond necklace. There are lots of pieces that match it so if you want to add on and make it a set for another occasion you could do that. Check out the new piece:

1/4ct Journey Diamond Heart Pendant $99

by ABargainShopper

1/4ct Journey Diamond Heart Pendant in 10k White Gold
Retail Price: $399.99 - Sale: $99.00 + Free Shipping
Gorgeous journey diamond heart pendant set in 10K white gold on an 18" white gold box chain. Honor your journey through life together with the 14 graduated diamonds in this beautiful pendant, each larger than the next, as in your life, each day better than the last.
Hurry! Limited Time Only!

Turkmen Leader Gives Himself Huge Award

by saltyolgeaser

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan (AP) - Turkmenistan's president awarded himself a large gold and diamond pendant and a 30 percent raise to celebrate his 50th birthday, an echo of the lavish personality cult built around his autocratic late predecessor.
Berdymukhamedov decorated himself with the Motherland Order - a gold pendant bedecked with diamonds on a massive golden chain lined with gems - for his "outstanding achievements," the newspaper said. The piece weighed more than 2 pounds.
As part of the award, Berdymukhamedov also received $20,000 and a 30 percent salary and pension increase, it said

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