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Gemstone/diamond Earrings & Pendants Set


Signature Forevermark Diamond Pendant 18KItem Number: 11232196

Item Number: 11232139

Item Number: 11231859

Item: 11232196

$1, 999.00

Item: 11232139

$2, 499.00

Item: 11231859

$1, 499.00

Item Number: 11034733

Item Number: 11031564

Item Number: 11031556

Signature Forevermark Diamond Halo Pendant 18K Item: 11034733 Item: 11031341

$1, 599.00

Item: 11031325

$2, 600.00

Item: 11031309

Signature Forevermark Diamond Pendant 18K White Gold 1/3 Carat , 299.00

Item Number: 11031242

Item Number: 11031184

Item Number: 10984151

Item: 11031242

$2, 199.00

Item: 11031184


Item: 10984151

$3, 599.00

Item Number: 10984144

Item Number: 10984136

Item Number: 10984110

Item: 10984144
Forevermark Diamond Pendant 18K, 1/2 ct. Forevermark Diamond Solitaire Pendant 18K, 1/3 ct.

Some would say that's too much

by EggNog

But it depends on how far your relationship has progressed and how financially capable you are.
If that's how much you want to spend, I think it's ok, especially since it seems you are beyond the casual(non-committal) dating stage.
I once bought diamond earrings as a gift but ended up exchanging them for a necklace+pendant instead.(she can wear it all the time)
You can get a good deal at the gift center.
OR go with the purse(brand/style you know she likes), and if you have remaining dough buy tickets to a show like Cirque De Soleil or that Dinner Theater thing they have down at the embarcadero


Diamonds are forever?

Mrs. Johnson decided to have her own portrait painted
by a well-known artist.

She told the artist, "Paint me with three-carat diamond earrings,

a large diamond necklace, glimmering emerald bracelets, and a
beautiful, red ruby pendant."

"But ma'am, you are not wearing any of those things."

"I know," said Mrs. Johnson. "My health is not good and my husband

is having an affair with his secretary. When I die I'm sure he will marry

her, and I want the b i t c h to go nuts looking for the jewelry."


Cheap replacement for tiffany co. necklace?

Im looking for a cheaper version of this

prefebly NOT from forever 21

They sell A LOT of key necklaces at Claire's.

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