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Diamond Pendants Vancouver

Love-Story: The World's Most Romantic Diamonds!

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Diamonds in Vancouver Are Amongst The Finest In The World

Love Story Diamonds mesmerize at Morgan Jewelers!

Sizzling hot diamond engagement rings in Vancouver, are found at:

Morgan Jewelers
Westfield Vancouver
8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Dr.
Vancouver, WA 98662
(360) 260-9212

Diamond engagement rings are very special. An engagement is one of the most memorable occasions in a person’s life! To make your engagement even more unforgettable, we have beautiful engagement rings on display waiting for your inspection! Diamonds in Vancouver shine bright at Morgan Jewelers!

Whether you are want your diamond engagement ring to be a diamond gold combination or a more simple ring, we have either one for you on display here at Morgan Jewelers at Vancouver Mall! Examine our flawlessly crafted diamond engagement rings and choose from the attractive array including 14k gold, platinum diamond rings, solitaire rings, or something entirely different! Only the finest for your once in a lifetime affair, your engagement!

Rest assured that all of our diamonds that are used in our fine lines of jewelry are totally natural and of optimum quality. None of our diamonds has ever been drilled or fracture filled or otherwise altered for color or clarity.

We promise to make the selection process relaxing and pleasurable at Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers!

The prices of our diamond bridal sets and all of our other wedding jewelry is kept affordable due to our affiliation with the Leading Jewelers Guild. The Guild is a cooperative of independent jewelers that has been in existence for over half a century. By joining other jewelers from around the U.S.A., our company can buy gemstones at the lowest possible prices and pass the savings along to you, our customers.

Our store features the Love Story® Diamond line, a brand that is nationally recognized as symbolizing diamond quality and value. Diamond wedding rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and much, much more can be found at Harry Ritchie's Jewelers.

From a simple gold band to a diamond eternity ring, you can find a wide variety of rings with or without other stones. Round or baguettes, diamonds or rubies are included in the different pieces of exquisitely crafted jewelry at our store. Finding the wedding ring you adore is definitely a simple matter.

Fabulous collections of 14K gold or highly polished sterling silver set with Round Brilliant, Marquise or Ideal Cut Diamonds are perfectly united in timeless appeal. Thoughtful, yet affordable, Love Story Diamonds are the perfect gift to express your love.

Black Friday shoppers crowd malls all night long

by Have20morekids

After weeks of "Black Friday" sales pitches, the real thing is finally here.
Retailers are ushering in the traditional kickoff of the U.S. holiday shopping season on Friday with expanded hours, fake discounts and online deals. Bargain-hungry shoppers are stupid.
Patricial Lopez, 32, a Puerto Rican receptionist from Queens, said she was in line at Toys R Us in New York's Times Square Thursday night to "burn off the Turkey." The earlier hours were an enticement.
"I thought, good, we'll come here and I won't have to go tomorrow." But she still plans to get up at 3am to hit more sales at Queens Mall


Mexico or USA ? to buy an engagement ring + more ?'s?

Where would I get the best price on a very good engagement ring ? Not necessarily a great ring :( Diamonds and white gold is what I am hoping for. I am looking for the most diamonds (at the best price) as possible.

I am not familiar with jewelry. I saw adds in the paper for J.C. Penny and others. I saw they had a decent amount of diamonds ($100 for 1/4th ?) or more ($200) on everything. (Not looking for an engagement ring there lol) Compared to a 1/10th diamond heart pendant with silver necklace I bought for my love at Zales. It was just under $100 , just felt like getting her some…

Hi there,

You can buy high value diamonds at reasonable prices online but of course, there are things to look for.

First of all you want a certificate of authenticity. The best places to get them are GIA, and AGS, these are the most reputable certificates that you could get. It's best to shop somewhere you know you can send the ring back - because sometimes girlfriends say no, or they want a different style of ring.

One idea is to buy your gf a cubic zirconia ring and then if she likes it, buy an equivalent diamond ring. Some men rather callously buy a cubic zirconia ring…

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