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Diamond Pendants in India


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Diamonds are the best friends of women. If you ever offended a woman, then give her diamond jewellery, and the fight will be bygones. There are a few factors, which define the quality of a diamond, and thus deciding the price of a diamond. These factors are cut, shape, size and sharpness of the diamond. For example if a diamond has more cuts, is bigger in size and has more sharp features, then that diamond will shine more. This shine is a reason enough to spend lavishly on good quality diamond. In earlier times, diamond did not attract much resale value, but with the branding of the diamond the scenario has changed. The online stores that are good for buying a diamond are mentioned below.
The site shows the real time rate of all precious metals and stones, on its home page. One can find all the jewellery, which can be made out of diamonds, like bangles, bracelets, rings, necklace and many more kinds. A team of enthusiast, with a motive to do something in the field of online jewellery store, opened They claim to sell all the jewellery which has a hallmark sign, to prove the authenticity of the product. The store charges a 15% making cost, on the diamond jewellery. The store has a beautiful collection of diamond jewellery, and one must look into the collection of store, before making a purchase.
The store has categorized all its collection on the basis of different occasions like, bridal wear, engagement wear and many more. The store brings together a lot of talented designers, from across world, so that they can bring in innovation and uniqueness in the design of jewellery.
Buy a pendant or an ear ring; all have their unique feeling, when they are bought from If you want to search for a product, let us say pendants, then you can do it easily at the filter search option of One can shop for a few thousands to few lacks of rupees, from the online jewellery store. All the products are exclusive in nature, but there are a few which can be availed at good price discounts. One should not leave such lucrative offers, and make full use of it.
When diamonds are in concern, it is better to be double sure regarding its quality and making, before making a purchase. At bluestone, one need not worry about the product, authenticity. A detail description of the kind of diamond used, gold used, rates, making charges, certification and many other can be found against each product, at Along with umpteen designs, one can find a good price range at the store. Goods that are worth above 10 lacks are also found at the store. Bluestone also provides discount deal on jewelry to reduce the cost. So if you want rebate on jewelry.
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Shopping moal durgapur city center in INDIA.
Shopping moal durgapur city center in INDIA. - Celestial Diamond Pendant by Cygnus - Celestial Diamond Pendant by Cygnus
Bridal Indian Necklace Set, Designer Diamond Bridal Jewelry
Bridal Indian Necklace Set, Designer Diamond Bridal Jewelry
Silver Sideways Cross Diamond Pendant Necklace, 16.9" (1/10cttw)
Jewelry (Tache USA Inc)
  • 16.9 inches
  • Made in India
Verigold Jewelry Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Mom Disc and Heart Pendant Necklace, 18"
Jewelry (Verigold Jewelry)
  • Thickness is 0.06 inch and 0.29 inch width for heart
  • Made in India
Verigold Jewelry Sterling Silver Diamond Infinity Pendant Necklace (1/10 cttw, IJ Color, I2-I3 Clarity), 18"
Jewelry (Verigold Jewelry)
  • Length of Pendant Necklace is 18
  • Made in India


Cost of Platinum chain and pendant with diamond in India?

Any one know about the minimum cost of a original Platinum chain and pendant with diamond in India.
Thanks in advance..!!

Depends on Size of Diamond and weight of chain.
Good ones can be as high as 2 lakhs and can be as low as 2000/- rs

Richard A
What is a good gift from the india to send to a girl in france?

I'm from India, and I need to ship a 16 year old frances girl a birthday gift. What do you think that she would want from India?

Taj mahel model
indian saree dress
some jewellary gift depending on your budget

Yellow Sapphire and/or Diamond?

I am wearing yellow sapphire for past 3 years & it has shown good results. However, I have got a diamond ring & pendant as gift from my husband. Whether yellow sapphire & diamond can be worn at the same time. If not, which is more preferable. Please advise.
My DOB is 16/10/1980, time 10.20 am in Mumbai, India

My mother in law was wearing a sapphire pendant for quite a long time and it was bringing her lots of good luck. a few months ago she added diamonds to create a border around it and it bought her nothing but bad luck! i'm no expert but she's had the diamonds removed now and things have started looking up again.

hope this helps:)

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