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Diamond Pendants Chennai

Chennai Diamonds shine in Bay Area

C07B9754FREMONT, CA: After a successful event last year, Chennai Diamonds is introducing latest diamond jewellery in an exhibition-cum-sale in various parts of USA at Indian prices. The Bay Area exhibition is being held in Fremont on November 1, 2 and 3.
Traditional designs from India will highlight this occasion and with each piece of jewellery made to suit the youthful attire of the modern woman. So you can look beautiful with fusion outfits as well as gowns. Find traditional Indian designs which will make you shine with generation’s beauty and represent the spirit of your family. These amazing collections of jewellery with precious and most precious stones, on you, will have the ability brighten your home and dazzle the streets.

Be delighted in awe at jewellery for all ages with diamonds which will last forever. Eager to try you will be, when you imagine how each jewel will look on you. Elegant diamond necklaces will make you the center of attraction. Brilliant diamond bangles will make you feel like celebrating the good times. Sparkling earrings to glitter your evenings. Sensational pendants will bring light to your occasions.

Glamorous nose pins to make you a Desi beauty. Rings will speak the characteristics of your unique true love. Exquisite Padakam will highlight your beauty. Harams, bracelets, watches and so on will add mesmerizing looks in all walks of your life. Whatever be your occasion there will be diamond jewellery to epitomize it.

Diwali-collection-1Styles for men
Men can also indulge in style. A variety of branded diamond studded accessories for the sophisticated man will also be showcased. Look for a choice of desi and contemporary designs. Creatively set Diamond Pens, Cufflinks, Tiepins, Kurtha buttons, Belt buckles, Glass Frames, Phone cases, etc, will be most attractive to wear and make your appearance most fashionable.

The diamonds are of high quality and are exquisitely crafted by generations of skilled craftsman to give a sensational look. Every jewel will be a masterpiece, giving substance to style and bringing together a bright medley of awe and inspiration. All diamonds are Dosham-free Belgium Diamonds and are of different designs, features, settings, metals and many more.
Nothing like a solitaire diamond, but for the trendy women there also will be jewellery that’s really unique. Like a braided diamond band that has a vintage yet contemporary feel. If an oval stone’s not stunning enough, find ones surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

Charles Krypell Charles Krypell Sterling Silver and Brown Diamond Leather Chord Necklace
Jewelry (Charles Krypell)
  • Brown Diamond Pendant
  • Wrapped with Leather chord
  • Multiple Jump Rings for added length
  • Natural Leather

Please wear a necklace!

by ---

I know the big big trend is no necklace etc etc, but with a neckline like that, it is begging to frame a necklace. not an ornate one, but just a SIMPLE one, like a sterling silver chain with a single pearl, or a single diamond pendant, something simple.
Big chandelier earrings wouldn't go ith that dress. I think the way to go is simple drop or stud earrings with a matching necklace. Your dress is beautiful!
As ajewelry designer I get so frustrated when people think no necklace for every wedding dress. I've been to several weddings where girls have followed the trend of no necklace, and it just looks so bare

Charles Krypell Charles Krypell Sterling Silver and Brown and White Diamond Pendant
Jewelry (Charles Krypell)
  • Sterling Silver Brown and white diamond pendant
  • Mixtures of sterling silver and 18 yellow gold
  • Medallion
  • Natural Diamonds
Charles Krypell Charles Krypell 18K Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Reversible Pastel Pendant
Jewelry (Charles Krypell)
  • 18K Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Pendant
  • Reversible pendant for enhanced versatility
  • Natural Peridot and Diamonds
  • Everyday wear
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