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Covering a wide range of styles, from understated sophistication to dazzling bold statements, a diamond pendant will always be a reflection of timeless beauty. At Divinity Diamonds our range of diamond pendants for sale represent the highest in quality craftsmanship and glamorous design. Looking for that perfect gift? Then purchasing diamond pendants online is a great option, as it shies away from the loaded meaning rings and other jewellery items have attached to them.

The unique service at Divinity Diamonds allows you to personal select a stunning diamond gemstone for yourself. This means our diamond pendants from Perth, Australia are totally individual. Because our jewellery is crafted specifically with your chosen stone, when you buy from Divinity Diamonds you receive an item bearing greater significance and meaning.

With access to some of the best diamond mines in Western Australia, when you purchase from Divinity Diamonds you receive the highest quality craftsmanship and superior gemstones. Implies we source our diamonds from Western Australia

Please wear a necklace!

by ---

I know the big big trend is no necklace etc etc, but with a neckline like that, it is begging to frame a necklace. not an ornate one, but just a SIMPLE one, like a sterling silver chain with a single pearl, or a single diamond pendant, something simple.
Big chandelier earrings wouldn't go ith that dress. I think the way to go is simple drop or stud earrings with a matching necklace. Your dress is beautiful!
As ajewelry designer I get so frustrated when people think no necklace for every wedding dress. I've been to several weddings where girls have followed the trend of no necklace, and it just looks so bare

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Where can I get a necklace like this or what is it called?

Http:// I am IN LOVE with this necklace but cant seem to find anything like it. I love the fact that the chain is white and thin, also that the pendant is all one piece (charm is connected to chain) It's price is too high , i'd buy it if it were 200 or so. Id prefer it in white also. This is from tiffanys and if you can prefer a necklace or jewelry that would be great thank you! Btw im 16! Xoxox

It's a round tanzanite halo pendant. You can probably commission a local jeweler to create it for you.
I can't seem to find one with tanzanite that's round. Here are some alternatives:

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