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Diamond Pendant Journey meaning

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A precious diamond is a very well-known traditional design to show off a diamond. Diamonds are wonderful, never reduce value and are simply stylish. The phrase pendant comes from the Latina 'pendere', meaning to hang. It is one of the highly popular components and is generally combined with a metal chain to add elegance to the character of the person wearing them.

A comes in a wide range of designs. The most valuable and the most popular one is a valuable diamond solitaire pendant. Gorgeous Diamonds as they are, make a close bonding to the person who wears them.

Woman now have many options to choose pendants made and set with either a solitaire precious diamond item or mixture of several 3 to 5 stones. The 3 rocks of equivalent or finishing dimension sit in sequence along the necklace, or in a team. It goes with 5 stone pendants in similar designs, but with more gems.

There are many different types of diamond pendant, but they generally contain less diamonds than a diamonds pendant and therefore are generally less costly. The most expensive type of pendant is the diamond solitaire pendant which, as the name indicates, features a single stone. This is usually a circular or queen cut precious diamond set in silver or jewelry with little or no intricate decoration. There are also other types of popular diamond pendants like diamond cross pendant, diamond key pendant or diamond journey pendants.

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PP Handmade Om Symbol Jewel in Lotus Pewter Pendant ~ Spiritual Enlightenment
Jewelry (PP)
  • Hand Made
  • Double sided design. Made of high quality excelsior pewter.
  • Approx. pendant size: 1 inch (2.54 cm) in diameter. Weight : 6.4 g
  • Om Mane Padme Hum, Hail the Jewel is in the Lotus . This mystical phrase, popular in India for centuries, has it s roots in Buddhism. Understanding it s meaning...

Weeee, this is fun

by Shimmer1980

I've never had romance in a relationship. It's hard to even contain my excitement.
I posted yesterday about being obsessed with marriage. I think I keep analyzing my SO, but I am trying to stop, and just focus on fun.
Last night he told me he was taking me to dinner, and that I could pick any place I wanted. He presented me with a beautiful white gold heart shaped pendant with a diamond. It was all wrapped and fancy and it was so sweet. I've never gotten jewelry "just because". I thanked him over and over again. He told me that's one thing he loves about me, I get super excited about anything

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Phyllis R
What is the meaning of the curve diamond journey pendant?

Very simple... you have loved the journey you have taken with your loved one and you are looking forward to the rest of the curves in life.

Megan W
Song from Helzberg journey diamond pendant commercial?

Does anyone know this song's title/artist. I know it is the commercial airing now for the journey pendant necklace and I believe it is helzberg...male singer may be Landon Pigg, if you mean the one where the couple are in the car.

The song is called "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop".

It's at:

My necklace says 10kt does that mean its real?

Ive seen them with 10k but never 10kt

Yes, it means the same. Here's a link to an item on that uses that terminology.

What should i get my wife for our 1st wedding aniversary.?

I had this in mind...

any help would be greatly appreciated

What you had in mind is very sweet, but slightly cliche. Maybe you could start a wedding anniversary tradition and give her the traditional gifts that go with each anniversary year. For example the traditional wedding gift for year #1 is something paper, year #2 is cotton, year #3 is leather, and so on.

So, to kick off your first year with paper, give her tickets to an amazing play or a gift certificate for a couples massage.

I found a random website:
It outlines the theme for each specific anniversary year and some ideas for gifts.

So get creative and have fun with it:)…

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