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Diamond Mangalsutra Pendant Sets

Diamond Mangalsutra an important jewellery for a married woman

design of solitaire rings engagementGold wedding jewellery have always been the key element in Indian weddings until recently when people started opting for less traditional and more modern jewellery. The demand for white gold wedding single stone classic diamond pendant jewellery has deteriorated significantly. Apart from being too expensive, gold jewellery fail to have that elegant and modern touch. Today’s woman prefers her jewelry to be at par with the latest trends. With changing styles and designs of Indian jewellery, most of the women strive to own unique pieces of jewellery. Jewellery are no longer considered as just ornaments or an ingredient to enhance the beauty. Jewellery these days are considered much more than that. They symbolize the true spirit of womanhood. They embody beauty, grace along with strength and enigma. Therefore, having the perfect jewelry set for a woman on her wedding is all the more essential.

Gold jewellery can be brought online and are preferred less as they seem good only with traditional and typical ethnic attires. However, when gold is amalgamated with another metal, it gives rise to white gold. White gold jewellery have seemed to won many hearts already. The concept is relatively new and yet has managed to receive worldwide acclamation. White gold jewellery are trendy and fashionable and at the same time don’t have the shiny or glittery look like pure gold jewellery do. White gold rings for weddings and anniversaries are the recent hits amongst the Indian homes. When it comes to a wedding or an anniversary ring, one might also check out the design of solitaire rings engagement. Many couples are opting for solitaire rings or gold princess cut rings for every women these days.Apart from designer and Italian jewellery, diamond jewellery are considered the top priority in Indian homes when it comes to a wedding. Diamond pendants set look ravishing on all women irrespective of their age. That is in fact one of the major advantages of wearing diamond jewellery, women from all the age groups can flaunt wearing a diamond jewelry set. The saying, diamonds are a girl’s best friend has proven true over and over again. Modern brides too are more inclined to diamond jewellery for their weddings over gold jewellery. Not just a fabulous looking diamond necklace or a pair of diamond earrings, diamond mangalsutra is also a bride’s first choice these days.

Here are a few depending on price though,,,,,

by 1985RIOS

My husband won't get me anything for VDAY

by HellaSillyPickles

I don't understand the last 2 yrs in a row he hasn't gotten me anything. he makes excuses"i don't celebrate it"
or"everything i get you you hate"
he never even tries (so how can he even say the second excuse?)
i wrote him a love poem for this vday
he didn't even get me a card nothing.
i showed him what kind of things i love like a diamond necklace, or a diamond ring. it doesn't have to be the bling-iest thing out there just something to show that he loves me.
he didn't get me flowers nothing
even my best friend in the world who has a shitty relationship with her husband he got her flowers and something else

Favorite or Special Wedding item...

by Danaart

Any of you girl doing a special wedding item? Something sentimental?
My grandmother passed away 2 years ago, a month before I became engaged. She left me a sapphire. She had left both her engagement diamond, and her wedding band to my aunt. My aunt made her diamond into a necklace, but wasn't using the wedding band (it was an insert set). So I asked if I could take the diamonds from the ring and use it with my sapphire to make a necklace.
My grandmother had a favorite jeweler, so I brought the ring and the sapphire there to see what they could do

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