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You really helped make this an anniversary present she will always remember and cherish.

  • Search for the Diamond you want by the 4cs - Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. AGS and GIA certified diamonds online!
  • Search Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds - the world’s finest online Hearts and Arrows collection.
  • Search Brian Gavin Select - all the work has already been done for you.
  • Search Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds.
  • Each diamond is cut to Brian Gavin’s unique specifications for maximized light performance as supported by AGS's evaluations.
  • Each diamond is personally hand selected by Brian Gavin to meet the standard of Cut Beyond Brilliant&reg.
  • Can’t find the diamond you want? Have Brian Gavin Diamonds design and cut one for you.
  • Diamond makeover? Have Brian Gavin Diamonds turn your stone into a super ideal cut diamond.
  • With over five generations of expertise, Brian Gavin is the right place to find your custom cut diamond.

  • Browse through our fine selection of Diamond Rings, Bands, Earrings, Pendants, and Bracelets.
  • Choose from our selection of Solitaires, Pave Side Stone, and Three Stone Rings to mark your engagement with a symbol of your love.
  • Through combining your ideas with Brian Gavin Diamond’s extensive design experience, we will turn your Jewelry design dreams into a reality.

Diamonds. Almost any diamond will look impressive under the bright spotlights of a jewelry store, but a rare few have the unique combination of precise cut, shape, and angles to hold their brilliance in more natural lighting situations. Beyond the basic “4 Cs” (carat, color, clarity, cut/shape) used to determine a diamond’s overall quality, there is another level of excellence that involves the symmetry and reflective quality of a diamond’s cut, and potentially enhances all of the 4 Cs. This reflective quality determines how well a diamond “performs, ” in other words, how well it reflects light under all lighting conditions and situations.

On our Web site, you’ll find loose diamonds and diamond jewelry set with the finest performing diamonds available in the world, as well as information for your personal diamond education. Our diamonds are certified by both the AGS (American Gem Society) and the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), organizations known for their strict grading standards. Whether personally designed and overseen by master cutter, Brian Gavin, for his Signature Line, or hand-selected by Brian from trusted suppliers for his Select Line, our diamonds offer you a range of choices for your needs. Our diamonds are separated roughly into two main categories:

Brian Gavin Signature: For the discriminating buyer seeking the finest cut and polished diamonds available, Brian Gavin Signature diamonds exceed all expectations. Each displays a unique brilliance and fire that reveals the distinct beauty and personality of the stone, and gives voice to the inner essence of the diamond through its contrast, brightness and scintillation.

Diamond Studs Forever IGI CERTIFIED 1/2 Ctw Diamond Halo Slide Pendant With Chain GH/I1 14K White Gold
Jewelry (Diamond Studs Forever)
  • Made in USA
  • 100% Conflict Free Natural Diamonds
  • IGI USA Certified
  • Solid 14K White Gold
  • I1 Clarity, G-H Color

Gotti and Airline

by phylum

Gotti was a curiosity when it started then it became repetitious with the kids acting badly in the home.
Then they got into girls and the girls came over to the house. Then one of the boys becomes a "singer".
None of the Gottis has anything to make a story about. Does anyone care that Victoria goes to an office or that one of the boys mistakenly got a rabbit coat thinking it was a chinchilla or the boys were allowed to buy diamond pendants on a chain?
Watching people going through the process of dealing with an airline counter is as entertaining as watching people going to the dentist.

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