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Butterfly Diamond Pendant

Simon G Butterfly Diamond Pendant

If you could not already discern from past articles, I have a weakness for unique jewelry, especially necklaces. engagement rings may be exquisite, but what truly caught my eye on their website is this designer Simon G Butterfly Pendant. Aside from my soft spot for unique necklaces, I also have one for butterflies. I even have a butterfly tattoo. So whenever I see butterfly jewelry, I always stop to take a second look.

I am usually a fan of all silver, white gold, or platinum jewelry, but the two-tone design of this necklace works. In all white gold, the butterfly would not stand out as much as it deserves. I find the butterfly to be very graceful and I love the way it intertwines with the teardrop, as if embracing it.

My DH had a blue topaz heart that

by momof2

He had given me many years ago re-set so that I could wear it again as a pendant. Also stuck a little diamond in the setting (from an old boyfriend's ring!) its so thoughtful and funny. My kids gave me beautiful cards, my brother gave me some Shalimar perfume, and an Estee Lauder gift set w/tote bag, and lots of great makeup that I will really wear. And this morning we all went to an awesome brunch at Hs'Lordships at the Emeryville Marina with my mom. It was a beautiful beautiful morning out there at the Marina and we had a nice relaxing buffet spread.
Very nice. Now I do have to go do some laundry and vacuum up because everyone will be coming over tonight for the Survivor finale

Diamond colors

by oldgal

Well, I'm not a diamond fan, not at all. But...
I think, if you indeed have the $$ and want to buy diamonds, regular clear colored and canary are nice, but (to me, anyway) a blue diamond makes me thing "cheap diamond, irradiated to make it blue so it won't look so awful." Hard to get the real deal blue diamonds.
Why not some utterly cool colored gemstones? Maybe some blazing blue sapphires or blue topaz with opals and diamonds? How about a couple of rubies? I'd love to see the whole "bling" thing expand into colored stones. Hell, the most valuable stone for the Egyptians was Lapis Lazuli - use that in a pendant along with some other gems and diamonds

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