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Antique Diamond Pendants UK

Antique Diamond & Australian Opal Necklace

australian opal antique necklaceWe love this example of late 19th century jewellery from the October sale of Antique & Modern Jewellery at Fellows Auction House.

The design of the necklace represents the style of the era with its complex, intricate detailing, ribbon designs and graduating fringes. The diamonds on the necklace are set in yellow gold, but the diamonds mounts are silver fronted to make them appear whiter – very typical of the time. Now a days jewellers will use platinum or white gold to achieve this look.

The main feature on the necklace is oval shaped Australian opals. With their flashes of vivid striking colours and beautiful shapes, Australian opals were a popular choice set alongside diamonds.antique diamond necklace The opals in this necklace display fantastic glimmers of colours – including flashes of reds, blues, greens and violets bringing the stones to life.

Australian Opals go back million of years ago. These particular opals were formed back when parts of Australian was covered by vast amounts of sea. The stone segment in the sea was deposited along the shoreline and when the sea eventually flooded off the inland the water flushed silica into the stone sediment along with the remains of animals and plants, which all slowly developed into colourful opals.

81stgeneration Vintage brass gold royal diamond cross crown pendant necklace by 81stgeneration
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I'm a David Yurman fan

by shortendofstick

Classic, and most pieces can be just as dressy as casual. He has boutiques of course but think you can find select collection pieces at Nordy's too. Some styles are also unisex. My favorite is a two tone amethyst pendant and my 3-wire gold bracelet with a series of diamond "x".
Of course, now you HAVE heard of Jacob, right? Bling bling baby!

What is your birthstone? do you like it?

by theamazingleah

Mine is amethyst (february). i have always liked it. don't have much of it, though. just some earrings, a ring i had as a child, and i think i might have a pendant somewhere.
my sister's is diamond (april). she hates it. diamonds are more expensive than other birthstones, and she feels they're mostly too flashy for daily wear. she has a pair of diamond earrings that she doesn't wear, and she has my grandmother's wedding diamond (reset) and her own wedding ring.

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Samantha Bushell
Antique edwardian gold ring inlayed with a precious crystal opal surrounded by prestigious diamonds?

I have a selection of fine jewellery for sale, this includes an antique 9ct gold rind harbouring a precious opal surrounded by diamonds, a 9ct gold ring harbouring a gorgeous dark sapphire, a 9ct gold locket and a pendant. all for sale if anyone is interested or would like further information or pictures please email

This is Yahoo! Answers, not Ebay.

Lady Aracne
Can these gemstones be shaped like an oval?

I'm working on some characters and they have necklaces with the pendant a certain gemstone and that it's in an oval shape. Here are the gemstones I'm using:

Tiger's Eye

Can these gemstones be shaped into an oval shape? If not, what shape can they be shaped in? Please and thank you for answering~! :)

All of them can be fashioned into ovals, except for pearls, which are not reshaped when made into jewelry. Common pearl shapes are round, teardrop and baroque (i.e. odd). Some freshwater pearls can be close to oval shapes, but they would be much smaller than the other gemstone pendants would be. Here's a guide - here's something on freshwater pearls, though am not sure how common the oval ones are -

Ive got a Tiffany necklace and want to sell it?

If I took it to a jeweller do they value it for free? Where would be the best place to sell it?

Well, Circa does free appraisals and resale in America, But they don't have an office in London.

You can have them do it by mail from the website below, here are their notes concerning off-site appraisals and re-sale:

"At CIRCA we know there are as many reasons to sell your jewelry as there are stories to tell. If you can't drop by one of our offices, but would like more information, please drop us an email. With satisfied clients worldwide we specialize in assessing and purchasing diamonds, fine jewelry, watches, antiques and heirlooms either in-person or through mail-in…

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