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Amethyst Diamond Pendant

Shop for Amethyst Pendants & Necklaces (Purple)


Tricia Lombardo - Yonkers, NY - February 22nd, 2014

Checkerboard Amethyst Pendant Necklace with Black Diamond Accent 4.55 Carat (ctw) in Sterling Silver with Chain

The amethysts certainly caught my wife's attention, but the word "Love" on the necklace blends into the heart and is virtually invisible.

Donald Barton - Ada, OK - February 22nd, 2014

Amethyst 'Love' Heart Pendant Necklace with Diamonds 1/4 Carat (ctw) in Sterling Silver with Chain

I'm a David Yurman fan

by shortendofstick

Classic, and most pieces can be just as dressy as casual. He has boutiques of course but think you can find select collection pieces at Nordy's too. Some styles are also unisex. My favorite is a two tone amethyst pendant and my 3-wire gold bracelet with a series of diamond "x".
Of course, now you HAVE heard of Jacob, right? Bling bling baby!

What is your birthstone? do you like it?

by theamazingleah

Mine is amethyst (february). i have always liked it. don't have much of it, though. just some earrings, a ring i had as a child, and i think i might have a pendant somewhere.
my sister's is diamond (april). she hates it. diamonds are more expensive than other birthstones, and she feels they're mostly too flashy for daily wear. she has a pair of diamond earrings that she doesn't wear, and she has my grandmother's wedding diamond (reset) and her own wedding ring.


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Brent A
Japanese women's jewelry (necklace) preferences?

I am trying to figure out what sort of accessory to buy for my fiance (who is Japanese) for Christmas. She doesn't wear earrings, so I am going to get her a necklace of some sort, which I know she will appreciate.

Obviously, this will be generalizing, but I have a few questions about Japanese women's accessory preferences: Do Japanese women prefer simple jewelry or more intricate designs? White gold or Yellow gold? Do they wear stones other than diamonds (e.g. citrines, topaz, etc.)?

Any opinions from Japanese women, or those familiar with Japanese style are appreciated. Here…

Honestly it depends on the person. What if I asked you if Americans preferred simple or intricate jewelry? It's really hard to say... even hard to generalize maybe?? I think all the necklaces are gorgeous, but the blue one stands out to me. You should pick it =P Maybe ask your fiance what her favorite colors and stones etc are. That may help you get a better idea. Congrats on getting married soon ^^

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