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Wide Diamond Cross Pendant

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The Diamond Cross Star Pendant

The cross is the ultimate symbol of faith for all believers, but over the years, it has also emerged as a strong fashion statement for many people. Whether it’s in the form of a body tattoo, or as a pendant around your neck, it becomes a very defining part of your look.

Jewelry comes in practically every shape and form, but what is it about the cross that makes it stand out from the rest?
Let us find out!

1It has meaning- The design is not random or frivolous. It actually symbolizes something, and for the people who believe in Christ, it is something very special that they hold very close to their hearts.

2. It gets attention- From a more superficial point of view, it is a viable source of garnering the attention of anyone, or as many people as you want. The most profound designers incorporate it in their work, which is not just limited to jewelry but also apparel.

3. It makes for a great diamonds design- If diamonds are the ultimate mark of affluence, prosperity and class, the cross is the ideal vehicle for that display. Diamond cross pendants have been around for a long time, and they will most definitely never go out of fashion or style. The flair is undeniable!

4. The choices-You would think that the cross is a rather basic design with little scope of manipulation and tweaks. Well, the leading designers and jewelry houses of the world would beg to differ. As every single one them has something different to offer and lend to the concept, meaning that as far as the broader picture is concerned, diamond cross pendants are available in hundreds upon thousands of designs and color schemes. As every fashion guru lends his individual touch to his designs, you as the buyer have a chance to embrace your favorite one, and make an individual statement of your own.

5. Finally, as shopping and just overall commerce becomes more convenient for manufacturers, distributors and consumers alike, the ease of access, affordability, and number of choices available are all enhanced.

Shopping for anything, including jewelry was never this easy and you can even shop around without even stepping out of the house. As long as you have a laptop and some credit in the bank, a few clicks should do the trick.

I'll play the game

by CinJin

My craft of choice is glass. Cutting, playing, grinding, drilling, painting, stamping, embossing and just doing anything imaginable with glass. I've taught myself how to do Tiffany style stained glass (still trying to master the soldering), mosaics and other things with glass.
I also do: clay - scrapbook - mixed medium - collage - decopage (still trying to perfect) - metal embossing - custom sewing - beading - pendants (glass of course) - embroidery - cross-stitch - abstract painting - lapidary (just got some cool new diamond saw blades) - copper work - horrible wire wrapping - and anything else my little pea brain can think of

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Where can I buy a replica Ileana Makri cross necklace?

I want it to look like this:,default,pd.html?utm_source=GAN&utm_medium=TheFind%2C%20Inc.&utm_campaign=Primary
But cheaper, by a lot obviously. I don't want it to look cheap and I want it to look similar, help please!

Try one of these:

Do I have diamonds or Zirconia?

I have a sterling silver cross pendant, very small. It has what appers to be either diamonds, or zirconia. I do not know the difference. On the back where the diamonds/zirconia are, there are breather holes. I know diamonds have those, but was wondering if they do the same for zirconia as well. If zirconia does not have breather holes, then do I have diamonds in my pendant? There are maybe about 10 with like 2 missing. Could it be worth anything?

The holes won't tell you anything and you won't be able to tell without having it examined.

However, most sterling silver uses cubic zirconia, crystal, or glass. There are a few high end lines that are exceptions, but the vast majority would be CZ or similar.

If you bought it, then you would definitely know just by the price.

Drawing ideas please?

I need some knew drawing ideas for pencil crayons. something creative like a tiger in a devil costume and something that looks nice and normal that would draw attention. please and thank you.
This is Urgent!!! please 10 thumbs up!!!

What about animals wearing jewelry. Like a black panther looking goth with lip piercing, tongue piercing, and a silver cross pendant. Or a tiger with diamond earrings, diamond choker, and a tiara.

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