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Hip Hop Diamond Cross Pendants

Diamond Cross Pendants – An Amazing Addition to

Men s diamond wedding ring

These precious items of jewelry complement the overall look of an individual and add a touch of fashion to them. These pendants are the best addition to an individual’s style and undoubtedly the perfect and most trendy accessory that enhances the beauty of a person.

With time the cross symbol has made its way into the fashion industry and with a great bang. The universal symbol of love and faith is now adorned by millions of people around the world in the form of the most famous Diamond Cross Pendants. It is not necessary that the wearer of cross pendant is a follower or believer of Christianity, it has now become a trend to accessorize oneself with these Diamond Cross Pendants and make heads turn.

Diamond Cross Pendants have acquired a very fluid status in the world of fashion. These vintage pieces of jewelry exemplify the right blend of religion, value and fashion. They are spotted being adorned by many famous celebrities popularizing the jewelry item all the more. With a great number of designs available, there is one that will suite absolutely any occasion and style: from small and classy Diamond Cross Pendants which are made to be worn every day to large and screaming hip hop Diamond Cross Pendants. With their unique characteristic design of huge chunks of diamonds attached to them Diamond Cross Pendants also easily fits the genre of hip-hop jewelry and have been further popularized by celebrities adorning them while making their public appearances. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Sean “Diddy” Combs, David Beckham, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and many others have sported Diamond Cross Pendants time and time again in their press conferences, movie premieres etc. and has put forth a benchmark for their fans to achieve.

With their chick and trendy appearance, the Diamond Cross Pendants are sure to keep everyone around you mesmerized!! presents you an amazing collection of Diamond Cross Pendants for both men and women from the very small ones to large and fully iced out ones to fit any style, all listed at factory-direct prices. All Diamond Cross Pendants we sell at are guaranteed to be quality made and come with 1 year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. All Diamond Cross Pendants are shipped by safe and fully insured FedEx mail with signature confirmation. Log in online at or stop by our NYC showroom to find and purchase your dream diamond cross pendant today!

I'll play the game

by CinJin

My craft of choice is glass. Cutting, playing, grinding, drilling, painting, stamping, embossing and just doing anything imaginable with glass. I've taught myself how to do Tiffany style stained glass (still trying to master the soldering), mosaics and other things with glass.
I also do: clay - scrapbook - mixed medium - collage - decopage (still trying to perfect) - metal embossing - custom sewing - beading - pendants (glass of course) - embroidery - cross-stitch - abstract painting - lapidary (just got some cool new diamond saw blades) - copper work - horrible wire wrapping - and anything else my little pea brain can think of

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Happy Bunny
Can I place a custom jewlery order in like this?

I really want a custom ordered star of david /cross pendant for the holidays this year. My parents are both jewish and christian so it represents who i am. I look for already made ones for sale but none of them WOW me. I want it to be classy but unique. Some design or crystal. Personally i like silver mor ethen gold. I visualize the perfect necklace to be silver star of david and a cross made of aquamarine or diamond stone =D Where can i place a custom order like this?

Should both customize for you but they are out of the college Station Tx area but I'm sure they can ship to you!
Good Luck!!

Would it be risky to leave my diamond ring with a jeweler who noticed the setting/prongs are weak?

The ring is 20 years old so I am assuming he could be correct. He noticed it when I brought some watches in to be fixed. I just have this fear of some dishonest person putting a cubic zerconia in its place or something like that. Silly thought?

I wouldn't trust it. especially if the jeweler noticed it right away. don't risk it.
especially if the ring is 20 years old, it sounds quite special if it's a diamond ring that old that you still wear.
don't leave it with them.

Where to buy gold plated jewelry?

Hey guys, about three years ago i lost my chain and pendant that was given to me by my great grandmother. now that im about to be 20 im thinking of buying another because i feel more responsible. since i cant afford a real 18k gold chain. im looking to find a website that sells 8mm cuban link gold plated chains but with a simple jesus cross pendant.
i have tried
but they have too many diamonds, and their sizes are too exaggerated. i want something simple that will last long.
thanks in advanced
im a guy, sorry about that.

Try i just searched cuban links and i got a few that I liked. Most of the stuff on there is handmade. I order from there a lot. I'm hesitant to give you some names of people I like because I'mnot sure if youre a girl or a boy but most of the people I buy from cater towards women. I didnt see many with crosses but I'm sure if you look around, you will find one :)

<--- this one is kinda cute...its not cuban linked but you may like it.... also the seller might take custom orders so if you explain what you want, they might make a cuban link version...for free....or not :P

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