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Diamond Cross Pendant Hip Hop

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Medieval Renaissance

We feature a huge collection of your favorite hip hop pendants mixed with the freshest up to date bling! They range from iced out platinum style men's pendants made with eye poppin’ cubic zirconia stones to sterling silver pendants in our sleek blackout style. After you check out all these fabulous men's pendants, cop yourself a hip hop chain to go along with them!

Assorted Sterling Silver Men's Pendants

Our collection begins with a variety of assorted bling hip hop pendants ranging from sports to music related designs. These men's pendants are made with authentic sterling silver and quality cubic zirconia diamonds aka bling bling.

Men's Blackout Pendants

In 2009, helped recreate hip hop fashion by opening its blackout collection. Our Black on Black pendant collection with black diamond CZs on black plated material are selling out like hotcakes. Black on Black jewelry is the hottest item out there today! Hip hop fans can only see the latest designs on King Ice! For a truly sick outfit match our men's pendants with a bracelet or ring.

Religious Sterling Silver Men's Pendants

A branch from our sterling silver pendant collection, this section focuses on the religious side. Enjoy our collection of phat bling bling cross pendants for men or women, iced out Jesus pendant, Allah Muslim pendants and more.

Platinum Style Rhodium Plated Mens Pendants

For a more affordable yet balling look, we carry quality rhodium plated pendants in various styles and sizes. Get superior quality with a great price! These platinum style mens pendants make an excellent addition to any hip hop jewelry collection.

Gold Plated Men's Pendants

Our next most popular style closely behind the platinum plated style is our gold plated pendants. Enjoy our variety of 14K gold plated men's pendants with bling bling CZ diamond stones. The hip hop community has always sported gold men's pendants making them an iconic look.

Animal Men's Pendants

If you’re an animal lover, you would love this selection of animal pendants. They are made from sterling silver to brass – all looking amazing!

Sport Men's Pendants

Our hip hop, iced out, sports pendants for men provide our customers the opportunity to support your favorite sports around your neck.

Dog Tag Men's Pendants

For a military look in hip hop fashion, we feature a variety of silver dog tag pendants. These dog tag pendants are popular amongst hip hop fans. Personalize it by adding laser jewelry engraving service to your cart.

316L Stainless Steel Men's Pendants

Affordable yet strong and sleek - enjoy our contemporary stainless steel men's pendants with unique designs that are mixed with clay, carbon fiber, and black textile fiber.

We’re constantly expanding our hip hop pendant collection! If you’re giving one these beautiful men's pendants as a gift, be sure to add a pendant gift box to your order.

I'm a male who's looking for jewelery

by need_men_women_opinion

Ok I'm pretty set on spending some money for those evenings at the club or when I want to rub it in other peoples faces how I'm half their age making more money(yes I know pointless but sue me). I know for a fact I'm getting a diamond bracelet, diamond earrings, watches, but this is where I get stuck. I'm trying to decide between a DIAMOND STUDDED chain then a diamond pendant like a cross or the REAL jacob the jeweler style jesus head pendant or 2 regular white/yellow gold chains and pendants for those. Which should I get?
Also what do you guys think about colored diamonds like canary


Happy Bunny
Can I place a custom jewlery order in like this?

I really want a custom ordered star of david /cross pendant for the holidays this year. My parents are both jewish and christian so it represents who i am. I look for already made ones for sale but none of them WOW me. I want it to be classy but unique. Some design or crystal. Personally i like silver mor ethen gold. I visualize the perfect necklace to be silver star of david and a cross made of aquamarine or diamond stone =D Where can i place a custom order like this?

Should both customize for you but they are out of the college Station Tx area but I'm sure they can ship to you!
Good Luck!!

Would it be risky to leave my diamond ring with a jeweler who noticed the setting/prongs are weak?

The ring is 20 years old so I am assuming he could be correct. He noticed it when I brought some watches in to be fixed. I just have this fear of some dishonest person putting a cubic zerconia in its place or something like that. Silly thought?

I wouldn't trust it. especially if the jeweler noticed it right away. don't risk it.
especially if the ring is 20 years old, it sounds quite special if it's a diamond ring that old that you still wear.
don't leave it with them.

Where to buy gold plated jewelry?

Hey guys, about three years ago i lost my chain and pendant that was given to me by my great grandmother. now that im about to be 20 im thinking of buying another because i feel more responsible. since i cant afford a real 18k gold chain. im looking to find a website that sells 8mm cuban link gold plated chains but with a simple jesus cross pendant.
i have tried
but they have too many diamonds, and their sizes are too exaggerated. i want something simple that will last long.
thanks in advanced
im a guy, sorry about that.

Try i just searched cuban links and i got a few that I liked. Most of the stuff on there is handmade. I order from there a lot. I'm hesitant to give you some names of people I like because I'mnot sure if youre a girl or a boy but most of the people I buy from cater towards women. I didnt see many with crosses but I'm sure if you look around, you will find one :)

<--- this one is kinda cute...its not cuban linked but you may like it.... also the seller might take custom orders so if you explain what you want, they might make a cuban link version...for free....or not :P

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