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Cross Pendant Diamond

Diamond Cross Necklace

This large Art Nouveau cross

Discover the beauty of a diamond cross necklace, for every member of the family. Choose the sweetness of a cross diamond necklace for girls. Let a single, solitary diamond accent bring a hint of sparkle to the pendant—standing out against yellow gold. Allow a cross to illuminate her whole face, completely covered in diamonds set against equally brilliant white gold.

Turn to women’s jewelry to explore the sophistication of more intricate diamond cross necklace designs. Trade in the complementary nature of white diamonds on sterling silver for the contrast of diamonds set against two-tone gold designs. Keep to one color with a featuring ornate filigree, or bring a hint of a second metallic shade into a simple addition of a heart or knot. Choose even more color with added gemstones—rubies, emeralds and sapphires—intermingling with the white diamonds.

In men’s jewelry, it’s not gemstones that infuse more shades into diamond cross necklaces; it’s the handsome, rugged tones of ion plated stainless steel or enamel in brown or black. Leave behind elaborate patterns for the sleek lines of men’s pendants. Allow the cross to form the pendant, or be infused into a dog tag. Whether with one diamond or covered in an entire layer, discover just the right diamond necklace in cross form, at Macy’s. Have faith in Macy’s to offer everything needed to string a necklace with a diamond cross pendant—a beautiful symbol to sport everyday.

I'm a male who's looking for jewelery

by need_men_women_opinion

Ok I'm pretty set on spending some money for those evenings at the club or when I want to rub it in other peoples faces how I'm half their age making more money(yes I know pointless but sue me). I know for a fact I'm getting a diamond bracelet, diamond earrings, watches, but this is where I get stuck. I'm trying to decide between a DIAMOND STUDDED chain then a diamond pendant like a cross or the REAL jacob the jeweler style jesus head pendant or 2 regular white/yellow gold chains and pendants for those. Which should I get?
Also what do you guys think about colored diamonds like canary

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I got a 3 ct diamond pendant as a gift. It's a circle with 50 small diamonds all around. How much is it worth?

Hi there

Firstly, do not take your diamond to a 'standard' jeweller for a valuation, you need to get someone with diamond expertise to carry out the valuation.

Also note the jewellers typically charge 2 to 3 times the trade price for a diamond, they make huge profit margins. So, their valuation is likely to reflect this mark-up and not what you would actually get if you sold it.

My recommendation would be to visit a diamond trader or a company that works with diamond traders. In the UK I would recommend they know a huge amount about diamonds, provide a lot of helpful…

JEWLERY FINDING????????????????????

I reallly want a small, diamond circle necklace. i want the circle to be small, about 1/2 and inch across, i want the diamonds/cubic zirconia/crystal to be bigger than the metal peice they are attached to, and the chain to be short, like i am not sure of exact length, but short enough that the pendant lands like a centimeter below your collar bone. please i guarnantee 5 stars and 10 point to whoever finds me a necklace that fits these requirments. (most of them, like the diamond size is important, but the chain size and vary a little, but i dont want it to be a long chain-)


First, i think you are looking for of round circle pendant with size 1/2 inch, all setted with diamonds/cz.crystals. but , your requirements is : the diamonds shoulb be bigger ( or jump out of the metal ). i assume it shoulb be heart shape ( setted with oval shape stones ) metal circle according to your requirements.

re: length of chain: the manufacturer can make it according to your requirements, normally it is 16 and 18 inch.
i could send you a pic of heart shape pendant if you want. pls contact me if you need.

i m in china with 18 years export business experiences, owing one…

How to tell what face shape i have?

How do u know if u have a
round face
oval face
heart face

Well... you... kind of...
look in the mirror...

It's really easy to tell what face shape you have. Asians have round faces, take it from there.

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