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14k White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant

Diamond Antique Byzantine Cross Pendant Necklace 14k White


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20th Wedding Anniversary gift for a great wife

by NurseDaddy

My wife and will celebrate our 20th anniversary on Feb 21st.
I am married to a wonderful woman who is not into flashy things really, not a showy person ... she likes pendants that hang on rubber necklaces, that kind of thing. For the most part she just wears her wedding band, and a watch, and maybe a necklace and earings, but that's about it. Mother of pearl stuff, onyx, stainless steel and rubber are her thing. Lucky for me, because we don't have a lot of money as I've been out of work for a while, went back to school, and am now working and earning a living. She's been through a lot with me

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I got a 3 ct diamond pendant as a gift. It's a circle with 50 small diamonds all around. How much is it worth?

Hi there

Firstly, do not take your diamond to a 'standard' jeweller for a valuation, you need to get someone with diamond expertise to carry out the valuation.

Also note the jewellers typically charge 2 to 3 times the trade price for a diamond, they make huge profit margins. So, their valuation is likely to reflect this mark-up and not what you would actually get if you sold it.

My recommendation would be to visit a diamond trader or a company that works with diamond traders. In the UK I would recommend they know a huge amount about diamonds, provide a lot of helpful…

JEWLERY FINDING????????????????????

I reallly want a small, diamond circle necklace. i want the circle to be small, about 1/2 and inch across, i want the diamonds/cubic zirconia/crystal to be bigger than the metal peice they are attached to, and the chain to be short, like i am not sure of exact length, but short enough that the pendant lands like a centimeter below your collar bone. please i guarnantee 5 stars and 10 point to whoever finds me a necklace that fits these requirments. (most of them, like the diamond size is important, but the chain size and vary a little, but i dont want it to be a long chain-)


First, i think you are looking for of round circle pendant with size 1/2 inch, all setted with diamonds/cz.crystals. but , your requirements is : the diamonds shoulb be bigger ( or jump out of the metal ). i assume it shoulb be heart shape ( setted with oval shape stones ) metal circle according to your requirements.

re: length of chain: the manufacturer can make it according to your requirements, normally it is 16 and 18 inch.
i could send you a pic of heart shape pendant if you want. pls contact me if you need.

i m in china with 18 years export business experiences, owing one…

How to tell what face shape i have?

How do u know if u have a
round face
oval face
heart face

Well... you... kind of...
look in the mirror...

It's really easy to tell what face shape you have. Asians have round faces, take it from there.

Prices at Jewelmer.?

Here we go, I got a Gift Card for Jewelmer amounting to P5,000.00. My question is, how far can 5,000.00 go at Jewelmer? I would like to know the prices of pearls or the cheapest pearls that they can offer. Thanks

Oooooh I am really VERY JEALOUS of you!

So, Jewelmer is the Largest producer of cultured Golden South Sea pearls in the world, and they are known for very beautiful, very high quality jewelry. Unfortunately, P5,000.00 translated to American dollars is not very much, about $111.25 per Forex, which keeps track of monetary exchanges... Jewelmer deals primarily as a wholesaler to other retailers, you'll have to find a licensed dealer in your area, or perhaps online to redeem your certificate. you can try to check around and see if your country has any retailers that carry them.


Your thoughts on...............?

My story it's only the beginning but i would like to know what others think :D

“Mum I'm gonna go on a walk I’ll be back soon.” I grabbed my jacket and iPod and headed for the door.
“Okay but don’t go into the woods, you know what they say about that woods.” My mum put a very serious face on.
“Mum that wood isn’t “enchanted” don’t listen to all the myths.” I quickly opened the door and ran out before I got the half an hour lecture on how mythical creatures are real and that they do live in that forest.

The forest isn’t anything special. I mean no-one goes…

You start by just making your main character leave the house. I am not told her name (you could have had her mum say it) and I am basically just thrown into the story. I hope i am introduced to her more properly as the story goes on from there. The 'enchanted forest' is a bit predictable and worn out. And all of these superstitious people, you could tell me more about the history of the legends and go a little more into why she doesn't believe it and whether there is anyone else who shares her thoughts or if she's the only one. Why is iron gate written as Iron Gate. You describe it as…

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