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Diamond Pendant Circle of Life

A Diamonds Brilliance on White Gold

1/5 ctw Diamond Circle Pendant
The circle of life pendant is a diamond circle pendant that is very desirable in not only shape, but the unique meaning it carries. The diamond circle pendant denotes the meaning of having no beginning and having no end. Such a precious symbolism should only be featured in one of the most precious of all metals, white gold.

The diamond circle of life pendant on a white gold chain is a choice that speaks not only volumes of what you feel for her in your heart, but shows your exceptional taste as well. All diamond pendants on a white gold chain, especially the diamond circle pendant on white gold chain, allows for the beautiful diamond to shine in all its brilliance. White gold settings and white gold chains are light colored precious metals that allow the brilliance of any cut diamond show off to its maximum potential. Since the circle of life pendant consists of anywhere between 15 to 20 round cut diamonds, choosing the diamond circle pendant on a white gold chain will show each and every one of the tiny diamonds, thus creating a spectacular vision of fire and brilliance.

It is simply impossible to go wrong with choosing the diamond circle pendant on a white gold chain for any occasion, but keep in mind that there are other variations to this beautiful piece of jewelry. At you will find not only diamond circle pendants on white gold chains, but also diamond and colored gemstone circle pendants on white gold chains, yellow gold chains, and platinum chains. keeps your choices very open in providing the highest quality in diamond circle pendants on white gold chains at very affordable prices. Fill her desire for the diamond circle of life pendant complete on a white gold chain by purchasing this stunning piece of jewelry from a respectable and knowledgeable diamond jeweler,

20th Wedding Anniversary gift for a great wife

by NurseDaddy

My wife and will celebrate our 20th anniversary on Feb 21st.
I am married to a wonderful woman who is not into flashy things really, not a showy person ... she likes pendants that hang on rubber necklaces, that kind of thing. For the most part she just wears her wedding band, and a watch, and maybe a necklace and earings, but that's about it. Mother of pearl stuff, onyx, stainless steel and rubber are her thing. Lucky for me, because we don't have a lot of money as I've been out of work for a while, went back to school, and am now working and earning a living. She's been through a lot with me


Sandy E
Hey did anybody get a necklace with a circle of small diamonds?

Hi you all: I got from my boyfriend a necklace with a circle of small diamonds. Do any of you know the meaning behind the circle of diamonds?? Very confused here. All he said to me when he gave it was that he knew I wanted a promise ring but that the necklace was a symbol and that the circle had a strong meaning of his love for me. But I dont get the symbol all I see is a circle with tiny diamonds all around. So any ideas on what the circle means and/or what he means??

It is called the Circle of Life necklace

Katie G
What does the circle pendant necklace mean?

I've just recieved a diamond circle necklace from my love. i was told it means something i was wondering if anyone could help!

It can mean anything you want! But typically it's called an "eternity" necklace for everlasting love or "circle of life"

Would a silver, 1 Ct. t.w. Diamond Pendant Necklace from Zales be a good gift for a sister?

I haven't really been too close to my sister, and we are now just starting to have a good relationship with each other. I wanted to get her something nice, but I looked up what the circle means, and it was eternity... Idk if it would be a good gift... she's kinda a high maintenance girl.

It is a birthday present, I had no idea that we were exchanging gifts for our birthdays, but hers past last month, and mine is coming up on the 14th. So on top of her being a little picky, I have to make up for not getting her a present until she asked me what I wanted...

Which I want nothing, but…

I think it would be a good present. They are very much 'in' at the moment and there is not too much 'meaning' behind those circular pendants.

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