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Circle Pendant Carat Diamond

Remodelling Old Cut Diamonds into a Dazzling Pendant

Re-model of old cut diamonds in 18 carat yellow gold settingA lot of customers come to us with diamonds set in different jewellery they either use to wear or have inherited, to have them re-modelled into, bespoke designed jewellery. Here’s an example of a customer who had five old cut round diamonds re-set into a pendant, which is shown below.

Our jewellery designer decided the five old cut round diamonds would be arranged inside a circle pendant and held in 18 carat white gold bezel settings – where the metal is arched around the shape of the diamonds to hold them place. The pendant layout was designed on the computer using CAD (Computer Aided Design) so we could print it into a wax three dimensional model to then cast into gold. The image below shows the wax model of the pendant.

3-D wax version of the diamond pendant settingOnce the wax model of the pendant was printed, it was then cast into 18 carat yellow gold. The bezel diamond settings arrange inside the circle of the pendant were then rhodium coated for a white gold look.

The next was for our goldsmith to set the diamonds in the rub over bezel settings. To help our goldsmith set the diamonds in place without damaging or scratching the metal the pendant was held in a rubber mould – as seen in the image above. The diamonds and the pendant were then given a final polish ready for the customer to wear.


xxxx If you have an old piece of jewellery, diamonds or any other gem stones you don’t wear and would like re-modelling into a more stylish, up to date jewellery piece that is either completely unique of a design you have previously seen, take a look at our bespoke jewellery services.

20th Wedding Anniversary gift for a great wife

by NurseDaddy

My wife and will celebrate our 20th anniversary on Feb 21st.
I am married to a wonderful woman who is not into flashy things really, not a showy person ... she likes pendants that hang on rubber necklaces, that kind of thing. For the most part she just wears her wedding band, and a watch, and maybe a necklace and earings, but that's about it. Mother of pearl stuff, onyx, stainless steel and rubber are her thing. Lucky for me, because we don't have a lot of money as I've been out of work for a while, went back to school, and am now working and earning a living. She's been through a lot with me

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Do u think this circle pendant is very small will u be able to see the diamond?


do u think it as small as a dime

I think its size is fine b/c i have the exact same one from jcpenny! lol its soo pretty and goes with soo much!

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